H1B Amendment Process


I am working for an MNC company in India.

My visa got stamped in Sep’2015 for 3 years.

My visa is stamped against an internal project in Location A.

Currently i am working from India for an US client operates from Location B (Both are not falling under same state).

My LCA is saying work location as Location A only. When my manager reaches to admin department they confirm that we need to go for H1B petition amendment process.

Can some one please through answers to below questions.

  1. Location change and client change required to fill a new H1B petition?

  2. What will be the processing fee in Premium category?

  3. How long it is going to take for amendment ?

  4. After submitting for amendment based on the USCIS receipt number can i travel to US and start working ?

Please answer to above quires and this will help a lot to plan accordingly.



  1. it requires to file amendment. before your travel,that needs to be approved in case if you are travelling to a different location to different client

2.in general premium, will get the status in 15 calendar days

  1. depends. for current time lines refer to uscis website

  2. No. once its approved and stamped, then only you can

Hi Jathin,

Thanks for your quick reply.

As my visa already stamped in passport, do you mean i need to go again for stamping or only documents will get updated with USCIS and the same need to carry by me.


If visa is already stamped, you can use the amended petition and current visa stamp to travel to US.


Can you kindly help me on the below issue.

Earlier my visa processed through Vermont Service Center and now we are planing to go for amendment. Can you kindly let me know whether we can fill amendment through different service center like California Service Center.


It depends where your employer is located. CSC and VSC cater to different states, and it’s not a choice to pick one. You should go by the job location’s state to determine the center.