H1B amendment Petition Approved but not stamped, Can I apply for new Petition without stamping previous petition?

Hi All,

I have below case, kindly help me.

  1. H1B visa Stamped: - Initial Visa Stamped (but didn’t travel)

  2. Applied for another Client, H1B amendment - Status:- Petition Approved but not stamped (due to lack of project)

3.) Again, need to apply for H1B amendment for new Client.

Kindly help me for below questions.

a) Can I apply for H1B amendment (Point3) without doing stamping for previous Petition approved (point2)

b) Or I need to first Stamped for Point2 and then for fresh H1B amendment (Point3)

c) Is stamping mandatory even though we know that there is no project for this?

Thank you in advance, Would appreciate to answer for my questions(a, b, c).

Can I apply for new Petition without stamping for second case?

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My employer transferred me from J1 to H1B. Then immediately after I got a raise, so they decided to amend. I never left the US in the meantime. So, I suppose you can do the same. I was told that when I go for stamping the receipt number that matters is the latest (amendment), but I should carry both the initial H1b and the amendment documents. I hope this helps!