H1B Amendment is progress


I have one question, if someone has his h1b amendment in progress for client A and if he is moving to client B in same County, then is it required to file a new amendment (as the previous amendment is in progress)?

Please advice.

Yes…you have to!!

Since the client is changed, you have to file an amendment.

H1-B amendment will not be required if the work-location is within Metropolitan Statistical Area(MSA). As far as I understood the new rule, the USCIS considered change of work-address to be a Material Data change. At least, I didn’t come across change of client to be a Material Data change. Change of work-address beyond a certain distance is the criteria that USCIS has applied for filing an amended petition. Earlier merely obtaining a new LCA would suffice, now no more.

Btw, any idea how much time does USCIS takes to adjudicate amended petitions under regular processing?