H1B amendment in RFE , My wife H4 visa interview next month have new lca copy is that a problem. Please help me

My Company has filed H1B amendment and got RFE two days back and I have my new LCA copy . I have arranged H4 visa interview next month please let me know if she can travel with the old petition and new LCA copy

same situtation for me too…can u reply me what u have done for ur wife visa…reshceduled or waited till amendment done

my case —H1b - new lca but no amendment done

H4 visa appointment in 2days …in Dilema ( to send for interview or rfesechule the interview)

Email me (srisoftware18@gmail.com)

Can you please share your experience ?? what you done and have you got h4 for them in that scenario … i am also in same situation now. thanks