H1b amendment got i797B and tranfer is still in progress

Hi all

I got my h1b amendment i797b because uscis received my petition after i94 expiry for employer A,i applied for h1b transfer before i94 expiry and it is still in progress for employer b and im not working for them

So my question is in ds160 form there is an option for have you been unlawfully present ?

Should i say yes or no as my transfer is still pending and im in period of authorized stay ?

Hi Kumar

Could you please provide update on this?

There is no such option or question, when you apply for visa. Don’t worry about it.
You seem to be still in period of authorized stay. Do you still work for A ?
Discuss with your attorney on this, if you still work for A. You can file as something as Nunc Pro Tunc.