H1b Amendment for work location

I have received RFE for amendment filled for work location change. They have asked for client letter and SOW. Project for which amendment was filled never started. Now client has given letter but for different project but same location. Also, we don’t have signed SOW. So my company has given purchase order but which is valid till June.

Will these documents be sufficient for sending RFE response

Please suggest.

It depends upon the person who is giving decision. Did you give BRM or client letter ? If yes then most probably it should be ok. Even if your amendment is rejected you can move to another project filing a new amendment. You don’t go out of status.

I have given both BRM as well as Client letter. I don’t have much time as my petition expires in august and I am in india. This is the real reason of worry

I know people in similar position. They travelled to USA with pending amendment and then filed extension with amendment pending. They travelled to USA with just 2 months left from visa expiry.

That’s the problem. My employer is just not ready to listen and allow me to travel with pending amendment. They want to wait for petition approval.

Initially status of my application was RFE mailed. Today when I checked it has been updated to case was received and receipt notice was emailed. Does this mean attorney has replied to RFE? Employer had requested to reply RFE in premium processing. Does the status mean RFE response is in progress or it will start all over agaib

Statuses are sometimes incorrectly reflected.Seems like your case has been updated to premium.If so, you will get decision within 15 calender days. Check with your employer if they have submitted the RFE docs too.

Yest my status was case was received and receipt notice was emailed. Within a day status has now again changed to request for evidence was mailed. Is it possible for status to change in a day. Along with amendment I have transfer petition also pending for another employer
Received RFE for that also. Is it because two things are being processed simultaneoisly . This will become deadlock in my case then