H1B Amendment + Extension

I had a valid H1B Extension approved till June 2019 for location A (I-94 valid till Aug 2019). I traveled to location A on October 2017. I’m having Master degree in Computer Application and working as System Analyst.
My employer transferred me to location B and amendment for Location B is filed on December 2017 with LCA wage level 1 and it got RFE in Jun 2017 and then it got denied in Aug 2018.
So I traveled back Location A and filed Amendment again for Location B on October 2018 with LCA wage level 1. I got RFE for second amendment on FEB 2019.

Now my employer planned to file H1B Extension for location B with LCA wage level 2 and also planned to submit documents for amendment RFE.

Could you please clarify below queries related to my case.

  1. My H1B extension will be filed to which center? California/Nebraska/Vermont.
  2. Since I’m filing extension now.Do I need to still submit document for amendment RFE or can I withdraw my amendment ?

Ask your employer/lawyer.

You should submit the RFE response. Once your extension is approved, at that time if the Amendment is still in pending state, you can withdraw the pending amendment.