H1B Amendment Extension Travel and reenter


I need clarification on my travel to India to bring my family in USA.

Here is my situation

  1. My H1B got approved in 2019, petition valid up to Sep 2022
  2. I got Visa stamped in Jan 2022 valid till Sep 2022
  3. My H1B amendment filed from India for Location change
  4. Got receipt end of March 2022. Entered USA 10 Apr 2022. i94 valid till Sep2022
  5. H1B Amendment got approved from Apr 2022 till March 2025
  6. H1B Extensions filling in process and shall be filed end of May 2022

Now assuming my H1B extension filed end of May say 27 and my visa is valid till Sep-2022. Can I travel to India by end of Jun or mid July to bring my Family? Or do I need to go for stamping again as my amendment is approved till March 2025?


Why is extension required when seems like your amendment was filed with extension? Check with your employer’s immigration lawyers.

Visa is just a travel document required to enter back in the US and so as far as it is valid, you can travel irrespective of your H1B extension application whether approved or pending. You don’t need visa stamping just because your extension was approved.