H1B amendment denied but extension/amendment is approved

Ok my case seems to be bit different. I had H1B for client A, filed amendment for client B and Location C and came to US based on receipt number on Aug 2017. My H1B was getting expired on Sep 30th 2017, so I filed extension for same client B and location C which got approved. Now I got to know that my initial amendment was denied. My question is1: Does it really matter that my initial extension was denied since I already have a new approved extension for same client and location?2: If yes,what are my options?

Never mind guys, according to my attorney, since my extension/amendment for the same client/location is already approved, my previous amendment denial doesn’t matter.

I am in the same boat,So If my Extension gets approved for a client but amendment gets rejected for the same client,I can still work on the extension?

It all depends on the sequence of approvals. If your extension for same client location was approved first the yes your amendment rejection doesn’t matter.

Hi, I am in a similar situation where my extension is approved for client A and location LocA (approved in nov 2017) but the ammendment which was filed earlier for the same location and client has been denied today (9/25). Am I out of status or can still work from locA for client A?

Any update Abhijit on your case?
I have exactly same situation.
Amendment denied
Extension applied for new client.
I94 expired

Hi Ashsish,

I am also on same situation. can you please tell me if we can stay as extension is approved first and amendment got denied.