H1b amendment approved but extension of stay denied

My employer filed amendment for new client which got approved but extension of stay is denied dated 14 Feb 2017. I have visa approved till Dec 2017. The officer asked to get a new visa stamped. The reason for extension denial is that the offer mentioned I didn’t work at the specified client work location earlier, I had actually worked from my employer’s office instead of client’s office as in the first h1b petition we provided two work locations. Looks like the officer has overlooked the two work locations that were approved as part of my earlier petition.

I have read in some forums that people have tried the option of just re-entering US and get a new i-94 at the port of entry. Would that suffice in my case as I still have visa valid till Dec 2017.

Note: There is no change of employer here. My current i-94 shows ‘Admit till 10 Jan 2018’. Please advice.