H1B amendment and LCA processing timeline after new rule


I got my H1B visa on 4th December 2014, but unfortunately I could not travel to US because of other project work. Now, my employer has filed an LCA for a new client, since the rules have changed recently in the USCIS,

I wanted to know few things related to H1B amendment and LCA,

1. How long does the H1B amendment and LCA process takes according to the new rule? (According to the old rules it takes 5-7 working days) 

2. What if my amendment goes to RFE state? will I still be able to travel to US? (Not sure what is RFE exactly, can anyone explain that?)

3. When can I travel to the US?

Thanks in advance.

  1. Refer to USCIS website for the accurate timelines.

  2. Since you are in India, you need to wait till you get the approval notice. Then you need to get it stamped.

  3. After the stamping only

I already have a stamped visa… Do I have to go for stamping again?