H1B Administrative processing


First time I applied to H1B. I travelled to US in 2015 with B1. Based on that I got Dropbox for H1B. After a week my passport returned with 221g and asked me to attend in person interview in Chennai. I have attended interview by 27-10-2023. VO asked me about employer, size of the company, and so on. After some time he asked me to wait for sometime. After 1 hr Indian officer called me and asked me about the project which I will be working in US and noted down on a paper. After some time VO called me again and returned my passport with 221g.

After 10 days my employer received an email for some verification on my employment and the project details.

It’s been more than 15 days I haven’t received any update. Case status still shows as “administrative processing”.

Please let me know what are the chances of approval. How long it may take to change the status for my case?

If your employer already provided the 221g response and requested documents to the consulate, it may take 4 to 6 weeks to see a response from the consulate.