H1B adjudication while current approved OPT should have been rejected

Had no clue about this but found out that one year post completion OPT is for each level of degree and not for each degree. I already had OPT for my prior Masters and got another OPT approved last year for my second Masters. I am currently on grace period after completion of my second OPT and awaiting the H1B transfer. I did not realize I was not eligible for the second OPT until today (I feel totally dumb) and I am freaking out! I left the country after my first Masters OPT and had a new SEVIS number for the second Masters. I applied like all my friends as usual and got approved with a new EAD without any hickups. What are the repercussions to this? Is it going to impact my H1B transfer? Any thoughts around this?

I think your post completion OPT may have been approved due to new SEVIS record otherwise the USCIS adjudicating office should have known about your prior OPT for same level.
I dont think there is a reason to worry as your OPT employment was approved and authorized by USCIS.
I dont think this will impact your H1B.