H1B 60 day grace period and new employment


I am in H1B visa and got terminated on December 31,2023. My employer revoked my H1B on the same day. I got a new job in mid January and the new H1B start date is Feb 20,2024. But my work start date(offer letter date) with new employer is March 4 which is more than 60 days. Will this cause any problem if I go for H1B dropbox stamping this year? This is my first H1B dropbox stamping after moving from F1 to H1B. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!

This may cause issue as your employment is starting after 60 days grace period. Your H1B status starts on the H1B I-797 start date meaning you should be employed on H1B with payroll being generated effective the start date.

If you can prove you took employer approved unpaid time off between the start date on the I-797 and start of your employment.