H1b 221g white slip with documents asked and passport/Client Letter Kept

I’m in need of help. I gave interview on July 16th 2019. It is my 3rd extension with same client same employer. Initially submitted for drop box and called for interview, They gave pink slip and an Indian lady interviewed me for 2 hours. I never had this exp with previous stamping with same emp/same client. I’m a genuine candidate with all clear records. Never worked on any in house project and been with same emp for almost 6 years and got my I140 approved.

Since there are some problems with my employer, they need to verify if I have worked on any inhouse projects and who paid my h1b filing fee.

I paid only the Premium fee thru paystubs. Mistakenly I said I have paid h1b fee instead of Premium fee. Since they were continuously interviewing me for 2 hours I’m literally frustrated at point and gave up.

I never paid anything like that and have paid only Premium fee and I told them. My mistake was I said I paid H1b filing fee instead of Premium fee thru paystub … They have asked the proof of H1b filing fee. But in all my paystubs it is clearly mentioned as Premium fee…

Finally VO took my passport and Client Letter and gave 221g asking to submit LCA, Paystubs indicating H1b filing(never paid except premium) and email communications with employer to hydfpu@state.gov

Submitted all the docs same day. After 2 weeks followed up and they said no documents received. I again sent in 4 emails due to size issue and verified that they have received now.

Its been 4 weeks now with no updates. I and my family are in extreme stress. Any sort of inputs/help is much appreciated…

Anyone faced similar issue?

Sorry to hear your situation. Unfortunately, whatever you said created more confusion to them. It does not matter, what you told is right or wrong…if you have said it without proper clarity, the VO will have doubts and they will dig in for more details. 221g is very much like a black box. It can take few months or few weeks. Just do not keep emailing them, you need to give them some time. The minimum time they say is at least a month or 3 months. I understand your stress, but the fact is nothing you can do, just wait and hope it gets cleared soon.

Thank you Kumar for your reply. Since USCIS has some issues with my employer, I’m planning to get a new sponsor. My end client is ready to give client letter as they support me a lot.

Can anyone suggest your best inputs in this…

Yes, that’s definitely not a bad idea to get a new H1B Sponsor and then go for stamping using that. It could be your back up plan. Also, can you share the copy of the white slip by removing any personal info on it ? would like it see what it says.

Hi Kumar

Attached the requested information. Please review and give ur valuable inputs…

I do not see any image. re-send it. insert using Image option in the editor.

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for all your responses. My visa got approved without any verification done. They just verified me if I have worked in any in house fake projects. As I’m clear candidate and had submitted my documents properly they approved exactly in 35 days.

Hope this helps someone in similar situation. Also VO retaining Passport is really a good sign for anyone.

Thanks all once again…

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Congrats ! Glad to hear. Would you share the white slip copy by removing your details for everyone benefit.

Below are the documents asked

  1. All Previous and current LCAs
  2. Paystubs from 2018 indicating debit of H1b Fee(Since I paid PP fee which is optional I submitted all the paystubs they asked)
  3. Employer Employee communication emails for PP processing Fee.
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Great. Thanks for sharing !