H1B-221g SEND PPT in bangalore

my visa interview: 16-May -2012

Got 221g-pink slip

now status shows that: SEND PPT on 28-March-2013

visa interview: Chennai

I am in bangalore, I didnot get nay letter or email confirmation from consulate, only status change in 221g online pdf file.

1)Where do I need to go for submitting my passport in bangalore? is it in VFS office?

  1. do I need to make an appointment in VFS to submit passport?

  2. any other document do I need to submit?

  3. I had transfered my H1B to another top MNC in the month of sept, both have got admin process since i have common muslim name( first admin process in May-12 and second one is -sept-12). Now, the my first company H1B status shows SEND PPT, but second company status shows pending process. I would like to go from second company, do I need to wait for second one to get cleared? is there any chance second one also get cleared very soon?

Answers are

1- Go to OFC


3-Documents should be print out of page asking you to submit ppt and other documents if mentioned in 221 -G

4- If you want to join second company wait till you get clearance from second 221 G

Time for clearance of second 221 G can not be predicted