H1B 221g case - Administrative Processing

Dear All,

I have attended H1B Visa interview in HYD on Jan 29th 2016. After so much checking , VO have informed me it takes additional days before they make decision and given me White slip 221g where it says ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING.

Case created: JAN 29th 2016.

Have been waiting for updates and today(FEB 18th 2016) ,i got email from Consulate asking to submit the Passport along with 221 letter.

I am going to submit the passport at Bangalore Drop off location. However can anyone pls do tell me does this mean it is going to be Positive News?

Note: I have not asked any other document apart from Passport along with 221g letter.

let me know and thanks in advance!

Good day all & Regards

Hi Mvkk Reddy,

Yes… It is positive news.

I too got 221(g) and VO asked me submit some documents.

I submitted required docs and after two weeks I got passport with stamping.

No worries.

All the best.

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Thanks for the Information and Update on this Sujith!! greatly helpful.

I was asked to submit PASSPORT and 221g letter along with Submission cover which we can get on the VFS site.

If they asking you to submit passport … Thats for stamping.

I think, in this mean time, They completed background check.

Sure -thank u!!! will update the status as soon as i hear.

got my visa on FEB 23rd. thanks!!!

Hi mvkkreddy,
I am in the same boat. I got 221(g) last week.
Also Did USCIS/DOS contact your employer/client ?..Is your job EVC model ?.

appreciate your help/comment.