H1B 221(g) white slip London Embassy with nothing checked


I have attended visa interview at London Consulate on 27th April, 2018 for H1B and got a 221(g) white paper with nothing marked or checked on it. The Visa Officer asked more questions on the client letter and said they have to undergo administrative processing and will contact me later by email. He returned all the documents including passport except the client letter. I have been checking the status daily on the website and it says administrative processing. It’s been 6 weeks now and the status has not changed. I have followed up with my employer and he said, they have contacted the client asking to verify the client letter details and they have responded to them 3 weeks ago. Nothing has happened since then. My petitiion is only valid until end of October this year and there is only 5 months left and I am getting nervous. Can someone advise on what’s going on and why is still a delay despite the client sending the reply back to them? Also, does anyone know the email id of the US london embassy to enquire and follow-up on the visa status?


Hi vmahi,

I’m also going through same situation with London embassy on 221g processing. They have not asked my client letter. They simply returned passport but retained my 797 and asked to wait for email to submit passport. It’s been 2 months now. Can you give me an idea how much time it took for you to get your visa? And what happened after your client verification?