H1B 2023. How soon can dependent go for H4 stamping

Hi experts.

Need your advice.

Currently working in the US on F1 OPT, and just got my i-797 for H1B starting Oct (Change of Status)

My dependent are not yet in the US. How soon can they go for H4? Should they wait until after Oct when I transition to H1B or can they appear for H4 interview before Oct?

Can my dependent go with photocopies of my I-797 or do I have to mail original?

Thanks for your help

They can go for H4 stamping any time using the copy of your I-797. If approved before 1st October, the visa start date will match the I-797 which should be 1st October. And so they can only enter the US on or after 1st October.

Okay. Thanks Kalpesh.
I was wondering if there would be eyebrows raised at the consular since I am still on F1 until October 1st

Have your employer done premium process or normal petition ?

My employer did normal.

Does this impact the timeline for dependent to go for stamping?

when your employer has done petition ( date and month ) and also location ( which centre they sent petition application )?