H1B 2020: Does anyone received next status on Case

New to H1B process.
My case got picked up in lottery under ‘Regular’ Quota and my Employer shared case/petition no with me.

On USICS ‘Case Tracker’ tool, it’s showing status as ‘Case Received’ from last almost 20 to 25 days.
Anyone from ‘Regular’ quota who is selected in lottery and got status updated from ‘Case Received’ to any other status like ‘RFE’ or ‘Case Approved’?

I have gone through ‘Pricessing time’ section but usually how much time it takes to get status updated?


We have few users, who have reported that there were approvals, you can check our H1B Tracker on the top of navigation.
You can check H1B processing timelines article for overall idea on how long it can take.

Hi @Kumar,
Thanks for the help. I have gone through it.

Today, case status got updated as ’ Date of Birth Was Updated’. Now, this is confusing to me.
Can you please help in understanding the meaning of this status?


I got my approval notice from my lawyer, but the online status still shows “Case received”. Check in with your lawyer. Sometimes, the online status does not get updated on time.

@samirA2019, Dont worry these are some interim statuses and may or may not have relevant meaning to them… Check with your attorney, if any new things have come in mail…Online system can be very buggy with confusing information.

@Kumar, Thanks…
Just got updates from USCIS that ‘Case Approved’!!:+1::wink:

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Awesome ! Congrats !

:+1: Thanks for your support @Kumar

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@samirA2019 Congrats!

I am still waiting for my update. it still says " Case Was Received "

@Ravi_Parekh, no worries, it will… My team mate just got update about ‘Name changed’. That means USCIS is still in process of updating data for selected cases.

Samir, thanks for sharing! When was your case filed, if you don’t mind sharing your processing timeline? Mine was May 9 is the date of the notice (received 11 April).

Hi @Melanie_D_Souza,
Is this what you were asking about?

On April 11, 2019, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACxxxxxxxxx, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 11, 2019, contact the USCIS Contact Center

@Melanie_D_Souza Mine was May 9 also.

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Thank you very much. Has your firm told you about an approximate visa approval time and start date ?

I got status update today with RFE.

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