H1B 2016 – Role Business Analyst, LCA Certified but Occupation Code/Title – Wrong

Dear All,

I am an IT Business Analyst and my employer is filing H1B this year.

My LCA has been certified as Business Analyst under occupation title of Management Analysts instead of Computer Systems Analysts.

Currently in LCA, the SOC (ONET/OES) code is 131111, Management Analysts. It should have 15-1121/ Computer Systems Analysts

I also checked the duties mentioned in Computer Systems Analysts are more relevant to me than that of Management Analysts.

Please let me know whether this will create any problem or if we can amend the LCA given the timeline you have only 4 working days.

Please let me know how to mitigate this.



It will not be possible to change the LCA now. Talk to your employer/attorney if that was intentional or a mistake. If intentional, then they must have something in mind to ensure/improve it’s approval chances.

Thanks Saurabh. I am checking with the employer. Assume that was a mistake, whether it can be amended after H1B lottery pick up.

It may not be possible to amend the certified LCA now.

Dear kraviraj,

I am in the same situation. Please let me know how you handled it?