H1b 2016 Petition Still in case was received status


My H1B petition was picked up but still it is in Case Was received status. It is already November end.Most of the petition was approved. Still is there anybody else status is received?

Thanks in advance.

My case is also still same.


I have the same status.

I am in the same boat this year as on 3rd March 2017. My case got picked up on April 11 2016 and since is n Case received status.
What is the current status? Earnestly request you to reply please. Thank you very much.

hi, Did u check with your employer? USCIS doesnt update the status in their website…

Which centre does your case belong to ?

Hi, yes i checked with my employer, they hv raised a service request with USCIS but no response since a month. Mine is Vermont.
And r u sure USCIS doesn’t update the status in their website? Have you had any such experience?

Mine is also in Vermont Centre. My RFE response was received by the USCIS on November 29,2016. Still no update.

Mine is a new h1b petition - non premium tat got picked in April 2016 lottery.

Is yours a new petition or extension?

Hi… mine is new petition too… got picked up on 11th April 2016.
Don’t know how long its gng to take :frowning:

hi tara, any updates on your case ?

Hi Mirra,
No update yet… Why don’t u email me at tara.malani1989@gmail.com… we can talk more there.

hi Tara, Please check your email…

Hi Tara, Mine is also same status still… My application also got picked up on 11th April 2016. Have you received any updates on your application?

Hello, could you please share what happened with your case? I am having the same issue this year.