H1b 2015 Normal Processing. How long USCIS will take for RFE Response Review?


Aprox how long USCIS (Vermont Service Centre) will take to review the RFE response in Regular Processing and come to decision?

My Employer reponded RFE. and my case changed to RFE response review.




RFE review could take from couple of weeks to a few months, depending on the case. Hope you will hear from them before October first.

Wait for 90 days from the date of submission of RFE documents and then Your petitioner/Attorney contact USCIS for updates if no changes happen to your case.



For me it took 3 weeks to come to Decision.

Got it didn’t read the last comment

Hi my case already 4 months now still its in RFE Response review…please anybody have such experience please share here…i am very panic about my decision… when can i expect.

Hi Meera,

It took 4 months for my case to move from RFE Response Review state to approved . So have some patience and pray to god .

In my assumption you might get a response back in another week or so .


Hi thank you very much for your reply… you completed 4 months or before it get approved?

mine on December 18th its completing 4 months in RFE Response review state.

almost 2 days short of 4 months … So wait and wait

Thank you… lets see… but i read some of them said 5 months 6 months and more… i am very much confuse… i dont know why USCIS have not decided any time frame for RFE Review.
Thank you very much for your reply…

finally my case was denied on December 15th 2014… after a long time in RFE response review state… almost 4 months… fully disappointed… no more hopes…

finally my case was denied on December 15th 2014… after a long time in RFE response review state… almost 4 months.

Hi my case rfe response review is pending from 13th Aug 2014…its more than 4 months…still waiting for it.
Its in California Service Center…

I filed my H1 B transfer on Jan 19th 2015 and got RFE on Feb 25th 2015. USCIS received my RFE documents on April 30th 2015. after that the staus changed to “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received” today is July 21st ( more than 90 days)… still waiting.

Oh… Sorry to hear that, Did they mention any reason.

For me it took 2 months exactly. My attorney submitted the RFE just a day before it was due and then it was 2 months. It’s so relieving to see those words ‘your case was approved’!

hi dillesh, did you get your visa approved?!

Hi did you get your H1 approved?!

yes…it was on Aug 27 2014