H1B (2015 CAP) worker for Green card eventually.

I have got visa stamped this week and looking ahead a great future… really excited. However, Being a software developer, I too wanted get in there live for the long time(10-20 year). Requesting guidance from experts. In short, Please answer following questions.

  1. How long I can extend to stay in U.S with stamped VISA starting from Oct-2015

  2. What’s the right time to work on “Green card” and other stuff.

  1. The maximum duration for H-1 is 6 years. You can spend 6 years inside US on H-1 employment. This can be extended once your green card process has been initiated and reached a certain stage.

  2. Green card process needs to be initiated by the employer. Once you have found an employer who is willing to sponsor your GC, go ahead and have it filed.