H1B 2014 transfer. finished masters last year

Hi forum,

I finished my masters last year and started my OPT with an US employer last year. They filed for my visa this year and I got approved too. My OPT is valid till 31st August. Now, the question is--- When can I change the employer at earliest so that I can transfer this H1b 2014. 2) Do I need to go back to my home country and get the visa stamped before I change an employer?


IMO, once the petition is approved another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you w/ a start date of Oct 1.

Do you know if COS was approved from F-1 to H-1? If yes, then no need to go for immediate stamping and it can be delayed until your next visit outside States. You will automatically move to H-1 status from Oct 1 on the basis of approved COS.