H1B 2014 - RFE - Client change in RFE state

I have doubt in my US Visa Process,

Petition Type: Regular Quota/Regular Processing/Outside US
RFE Status Update: July 172013

My H1b visa Got selected in Lottery.  It was RFE now.

The issue is when I apply for H1B visa I have given all the information about the company "A" (Minnesota) which is in US. Now i was moved to other company called "B" which is located in US in different state (Wisconsin). Now my visa went into the RFE state.  My new client is ready to provide all the information which is require for H1B RFE processing.

Is it possible to give the "B" company information for the RFE ?

I am working in a service oriented company.

Can you please suggest on this ?


Thanks in advance.

LCA is dependent on the location. So if the location has changed, then it warrants new LCA. It then needs to be submitted to USCIS along w/ other client related documents, along w/ a letter explaining the change.

Your attorney should be able to handle this.

Hi saurabh,
Thanks for your reply.
I am not sure whether i have understood correctly.
My query is not related to LCA. It is related to RFE. My petition is still not yet approved by USCIS.

Both are related in your case.

If you want to submit B’s information, then you will have to change the LCA. The original LCA was related to A’s information, and this will require new LCA.

Does that make sense?

Hi Saurabh, Ok, we understand that on client change, we provide new LCA even for the approved petition, if so, what are the chances of getting approved? Could you please suggest?
We are providing Onsite Mgr letter , SOW, PO …and probably old Client’s MSA.

I dont want to create extra thread, so want your help in this thread.