H1B-2013-221G-White Slip-Asked for passport submission today

Hi All, I have attended interview on Feb 14th. VO drilled me on questions regarding employer and finally said they are starting admin processing. Gave me a white slip with admin processing checked.

Yesterday i.e May 1st , i got mail from consulate hyderabad saying

"This is in reference to your visa application.  Please submit your [b]passport[/b] at the OFC or VFS office for further processing of your case."

I submitted the passport's (Me H1 and H4 for my wife) today. Does that mean we have got VISA or we still have to wait ? Can anyone tell us what are the possibilities from here.

It is approved. The admin process is over and you will get the stamping done soon!

Thanks lionking. I am still in dialemma that if it is Yes or No. I have been tracking the passport status and it initially said “In Transit to Post”. Now it says “Delivered to Post”. Any idea, how much time it is going to take. Just not able to stop the curiosity.

I said YES your case is approved.

Thanks a lot. I got the status today. It is ISSUED. However my wife’s passport is still in Admin Processing.

Sometimes, H4 will get delayed in admin processing. Don’t worry, she will get it! Good luck

Lionking… you are correct. We got it today. Just delayed by one day. Thanks a lot for your responses.

if it is issued how many days does it take to give the passport

can you please let us know your situation to give a better answer?

Actually the thing is i faced same from above situation when i check my status it says issued how many days does it take to get my passport