H1and h4 stamping

Hi guys

Me and my husband had interviewed on 8th feb 2018 at Chennai consulate. VO asked couples of questions to my husband. VO wants to see client letter as My husband is full time employee.so my husband convinced him that company never provide a client letter to the full time employees. But VO couldn’t convinced. He gave us 221g blue slip and said please send us client letter. He took our passports. On March 4th my husband send them necessary documents. After a couple of weeks on on April 11th they send us passports without stamping with the 221g blue slip tick on case is administrative processing. Can anyone please tell me what to do. Because they didn’t update Any status.

Online status show

Case created February 8

Case update March 4

There is nothing you can do other than wait for the decision to be made on the case. You may never know, how long it would take.