H1 Visa validity query


My H1B petition got cleared in 2014 but my employer applied for the stamping only recently. I’ve not changed the employer since then. As per the stamping my Visa validity ends in May 2017. I need to know what will be the actual validity of my Visa as per I-94 in ideal conditions at the time of PoE. I understand it will depend on the immigration officer but what will the best and worst case scenario. What should be the latest date before which I should travel.

Thanks for your help.


I would suggest enter US at least 1-2 months prior to 797 expiration date. This way, your employer will have enough time to file for an extension w/ payslips. Technically you can enter as late as 1-2 weeks prior to expiration date as long as the employer is ready with all the extension paperwork.