H1 Visa probability with a small sized company

Hi I am currently working with a reputed MNC IT company in India right now. I wanted to ask few things:

I recently got an offer from a company(not a very big one but has been in existence for the past 15 years in US and has around 60-80 employees currently), which said that they will recruit me and file H1 visa on 1st April 2013 on my behalf and I can start working from 1st October 2013 there in US. Till that time I can keep visiting the US with my Business Visa that I already have. Now questions that I have

1. What are the chances of getting the H1 visa? 

2. Are my chances of getting H1 visa affected with my period of stay there in US with my Business visa?

Thanks in advance!

60-80 people is considered as big company in US.

  1. Size of the company does not matter for the H1 Visa.

  2. Nopes your chances are not affected. But if you have worked on B1 then it will affect.

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Thanks for the reply Ram!
What factors improve my chances of getting H1 visa(early filing, better paperwork or something else) and if you can share the overall process of getting H1, it will be great!
Also, should I take this chance of leaving my current MNC and join this company?
I really do want to work there for longer term in US.