H1 visa information

Hi Admin,

I travelled to USA in the month of September 2013 on B1 Visa,I was back in the month of January. My employer applied for my H1 visa( April 2014)(Same company for which i Used to work in India a small IT firm) and then I was married and went to USA on H4 visa(in the month of June). I received RFE from USCIS and my employer submitted all the documents under premium processing and my case was approved on Sept 3rd 2014.I came to India to attend my interview on September 19th 2014 at hyderabad consulate i was given 221g white slip and nothing was selected on the slip. The VO did not keep any documents with her not even my passport and asked for client related documents which i dint have at that time as my company supports all the projects from its location and none of our employes work at client location.Later i called support-UStravel docs and told my situattion and sent the scanned form of my 221g.I got reply from Suport-UStravel docs t submit the documents and i submitted all documents on September 24th 2014 from then i havent heard anything from the consulate.

I have few question as i was not received any mail from Consulate to submit the documents and i took the initiative told it to support-us docs and submitted the documents.is it any bad indication?
My h4 visa was expired on October 1st 2014,is my B1 visa still valid? i dont see any stamp of my b1 visa being VOID

If so can i go to USA on B1 and stay with my husband and come back when my case is approved or is it not advisable.

Employer in USA in India is same but he is running both the companies as different entities the company is a small company and it does projects as secondary client but has really big end clients(Public sector).Is this causing any issue?

Please suggest me as i am really confused and tensed.