h1 visa approved. Stamping is initiated. Does it mean that I have onsite opportunity ready for me.

Hi, my h1 was approved FY 2015. My employer has just initiated visa stamping for me. I’m not sure if I have any onsite opportunity from my current project. My question is : does it mean that I have an onsite oppertunity ready for me because stamping is initiated or should I think that the first step is visa stamping and next we get an onsite project. My current stage is : STAMPING INITIATED ( did not start the process yet )

It is your employer’s discretion when they send you for visa stamping. At times, they get all visas stamped even if there is no onsite requirement. Other times, they send only those candidates for visa stamping who have an onsite project ready. You have to check w/ your employer about it.

Even after visa has been stamped, you can remain in home country for a long time. It will be employer’s call.