H1 Transfer with just 1 Payslip

Its been 1 1/2 month I got the payslip, the day one I have been paid salary. My visa expires in sept - 2015, as I have just 4 months left, DMV officer said they cannot issue my drivers license, even I cannot get an apartment on rent to get my family join me. Even at client place they are making me work on all activities even though its not defined in my role. I am paying $45 every day for taxi and cannot go out any where with out car. I have informed the same to my employer as soon as the DMV said that I need to get extension to get a drivers license in order to get my family. So far its been a month and I got an offer from another company(Long term project) and they are willing to sponsor H1 transfer along with extension with just 1 pay slip. For GC process new employer will initiate bearing the cost. but current employer asked 12K for GC process . I checked with couple of friends they say generally employers will file extension at the last moment. From Current employer there is no update since beginning of the visa process even my travel was delayed, for everything I have to ask and wait for months long… there is no planning nor any forecast, he will not respond to my calls nor pings nor emails … I am frustrated as I am not able to give a defined date to my family when I will bring them, my kid asks me papa when you will take me. Please help me with your valuable suggestions1) Do we see any issue if new employer files a transfer extension with just 1 month payslip?2) Do I have to wait for one more payslip and go for transfer? (New employer wants me to join at the earliest as the position cannot be on hold for long time)2) If the transfer is denied can I stick to my current employer and continue?3) If I can continue with current employer later if he files extension in Aug any impact of denial of petition from new employer ?4) Any other issues which may arise in future?Thanks in advancealphaomega