H1 transfer with an approved petition in India

Dear Redbus2us members,

I have got my H1 Visa approved in July 2015 from employer A.I am in India now and this will be my first travel to US. Employer B is planning to file a H1 transfer(because this will be a cap exempt transfer petition).

  1. If my transfer to Employer B is denied, does it impact Employer A’s approved petition(H1 Visa)?

  2. Can I go for stamping on employer A’s approval if Employer B’s transfer is denied?

  1. No impact

  2. Yes, you can appear for stamping through A

can someone throw more light as I thing the entire petition application is deined similar to if an RFE is denied.
Any thoughts…

H-1 transfer is just another petition, similar to what A would have filed as original petition. So if B’s petition runs into issues, first RFE would be issued and based upon its response, it would either be approved or denied. The decision would be limited to B’s petition and would not impact any other petition that is approved through A, C, D … Z.