H1 Transfer while I 94 Expires


I am on H1B Visa in US. My Current I 797 Valid till 05/06/2020. My Current I 94 Valid till 05/16/2020.
My Employer ABC alreday filed my H1 extension on 03/13/2020. I got Reciept Notice.

Due to Covid 19 situation. My Project will be end on 06/05/2020. My Current emloyer ABC has also given me notice
till 06/05/2020.

can i transfer my H1 with another empolyer XYZ?
can i work with another employer XYZ after my I94 expire?
Can i work with employer XYZ on H1 reciept notice after my I94 expire and alreday file H1 extension with current employer ABC?

Will you please give me guidance on this situation?

Yes, you can transfer.
Yes, if you apply before I-94 expiration and it was timely filed within the grace period. Check 60 Days H1B Grace Period
Yes, as you are on H1B and not COS.
Always, check with an attorney and then only make decision. It is important for you to fully understand implications before you take any decisions.

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for response.

I need one clarification.

My I 94 Expires 05/16/2020. It means my Grace period will be end 07/15/2020.

With in Grace period of 60 days , If i will get new job, Can i work with New employer XYZ on H1 Receipt Notice (Because PP is suspended now days).