H1 Transfer while amendment is in progress

HiRecently I have got an offer and planning to move to new employer, but just thinking about my amendment which is in progress (Amendment is for new USCIS rule for work Location changes which are not specified in original petition . It has been almost 4+ months but no update from USCIS as of now). having VISA till mid of 20171. Please suggest me, if any one recently transferred their petition to new employer while amendment is in progress?2. Got any RFE ?3. was it premium or normal?4. Any other problems faced?5. If go with the receipt number later transfer rejects, what would be my situation? Please reply me asap.Thanks in advance.

H1 is employer owned. You can have your new employer filing a new petition(not under quota) while the current petition amendment(from your current employer) is pending… no issues… safe to do this


when you say new, it is new Amendment right ?