H1 transfer when H1 extension is in progress

Hi I am working on H1 B with employer A and I applied for h1 extension in June and it is still pending with USCIS and my I94 expired on 22 September. I got a new job company B in September 1 and applied for H1 transfer in premium processing on 20 September 2 days before I94 expiration can i join new company B with this receipt number? Or will there be any issues with H1 transfer as my I94 got expired

Please suggest?

If USCIS received the transfer petition before your I-94 expiration date, then it should be ok to join the new employer now.

Thanks Saurabh for the response.

Now I got below RFE for H1 transfer

Without the final decision of H1 Extension case filed my company A, it cannot be determined that the beneficiary was in a valid immigration status at the time of filing this company B H1 transfer petition.

If we still wish to request an extension of beneficiary H1’s status provide the status of Company A H1 extension then decision of this H1 case can be made.

But company A extensions was filed in normal process it will going to take few more months to know status. Please suggest

Can you specify exact date when transfer was applied, when it was received by USCIS and what’s the notice date on USCIS receipt notice?

On 19th September USCIS received H1 transfer file and notice date is 20th September as per I-797 receipt copy.

So you were in valid legal status when petition was received and notice was issued. Maybe submit copy of old I-94 to show that you were in legal status.

Hi Sunny123,

I’m also in same status. Can you please let me know the status of your case ?

Hi, Sunny123 and nsuraj… Im in similar situation… please let me know how you guys handled the situation.