H1 Transfer to Start up employer (zero employee)

Hello Friends,

I have my I-140 approved with my current employer. I am planning to transfer to start up employer (brand new Company registered few weeks back). He had a very good project through one of the primary vendor with good offer and i personally know this new employer very well .Due to that good relation i am ready to work with him as first employee for his company. I also want to help him in setting the environment for successful H1B Transfer. We will definitely contact attorney for this but before that i want to gather some information and knowledge on this.

Current status of new company: It was registered few weeks ago and ready for business.

What are the necessary things from Employer point of view that are to be in place before applying for First H1 Transfer? ( i know this is broad question. Please let me know the available information)

How much account balance should employer show ?

Information regarding employer Office and set up?

Any extra information will definitely help me and my new employer in this process.

Thanks in Advance!!!