H1 Transfer to new Employer from India


I have H1B from Company X. This company sponsored my H1B and i worked in US for 1 year. Have Pay stubs and W2 with required taxes paid.


Now i had been asked to come back to INDIA.So i am working in INDIA for now.


I want to transfer the visa to another employer Company Y. Want to find out the scenario's using which i can have visa transferred.


Can i have the visa transferred even if i am in india. I hope the yearly quota limit does not apply to me.

You will be cap exempt if your H1 visa was approved within last six years.

You can get your visa transfered to a new employer. Once the petition is approved, you can travel to US with old stamp and new petition

Thanks for Reply.

What i heard from initial research is that if i am in US then transfer can be done. But if i am out of US then transfer will not be feasible.

Do you know if transfer can be done even if i am in india.

Transfer is nothing but another company filing a new petition for you which is not subject to cap. They can file this petition for you as long as you have been counted in the cap previously, which you have. It is ok if you have not traveled to US before.