H1 Transfer RFE - Has any one seen this scenario ?

Here is my situation gurus.Switched from employer A to B in feb 2016. Both A and B are multinational companies. Started working on B based on the receipt number. USCIS issued RFE on 02/18. I was not given proper clarification by employer, what RFE was about. My employer said, it is related to contract agreement. But later i was told they has also asked about employee- employer relationship as well.So here is the sunmary:1. H1 transfer filed on 02/04.2. RFE issued on 02/18. ( contract agreement, employer-employer relationship i guess) 3. RFE responded 03/7.4. USCIS website updated for RFE response review on 03/08.5. Waiting result as of today.Here are my questions.A. My employer provided MSA, org chart, manager letter on company letter head. In manager letter they mentioned, they can’t share SOW and PO bcz of client agreement. on the manager letter they mentioned, my roles and responsibilities, work hours, they have right to hire and fire etc, benifits provided etc… ARE These proofs enough for RFE ??b. By when i can expect to get update from USCIS, time details are mentioned above. I am extremely scared…if USCIS will be ok in this case… has anyone faced similar situation ? is it normal for USCIS to not respond even after 7 days. on RFE response… 15 days on premium processing clock are already exhausted by USCIS.

  1. It all depends whether the officer is ok with the response provided by the employer. If they are an MNC, they would have hired good attorney for the case who would have applied the best possible solution to your case.

  2. PP clock is stopped when RFE is issued and restarts when response in received. So in your case 15 calendar day window starts from 3/8 and still within the SLA.

Thank you Saurabh… Yes its MNC and they have hired big attorney, (Fragomen)

Have u heard similar case ??

I have seen cases where there is no movement for first 14 days and then suddenly it is approved on the 15th day.

There would be other PP petitions closer to the deadline than yours. So they would address them first before moving to yours.

Just thought to share. It might help others too

My case was approved today