H1 Transfer - Resume , Experience and Qualification Detail Issues -

  1. I Joined My Current Company 5 years back.

    -When I joined Current company, My Resume was marketed with 3 years’ experience (unreal) and hide my Master qualification.

    Current company has filed My H1 petition with the following information and got H1B visa

    • Experience: Current Company experience (3.7 years when petition filed) + 3years of previous employers( not real, worked for 1 year on contract basis outside US)
    • Education: Graduation

    Now I am in US on H1B Visa for last 1 year.

    1. I am planning to change my company now, but now do not want to keep the past unreal experience. I want to show my Master Degree and current company experience only.

    So in this case my H1B will have to transfer from Current Company to New Company. But now the information would be changed from the previous H1B Petition like below

    • Experience: Current Company experience (5 years)
    • Education: Master Degree

    My Question is:
    a) When I send my documents to USCIS, will they compare my old resume / Petition information / DS160 (the one i sent for initial H1B from outside US) by time-frames, companies, skills(development Vs Consulting ect.)?
    b) Will there be any chance of rejection on H1B transfer?
    c) Can this impact to my current visa, if the H1B transfer rejection happened?

    Anybody having knowledge on this, please tell me how deep do they review the old and new resumes/petition/DS-160 for updates on skills, and employment details?
    I appreciate your help and time.

  1. Yes, they can compare the filed documents and flag the case if they see something suspicious.

  2. If they have suspicion about the experience/education, they can issue RFE asking for more details. It is officer’s discretion.

  3. Generally, it will not impact current visa/petition and only the transfer petition will be impacted.

They moved to DS-160 filing in order to catch such discrepancies.

syud47960, Is your H1B approved with new list of docs?