H1 transfer question


Below is my situation:

Employed through H1b for Company A.Company A has not paid me for one month while I was looking for project. I have asked for pay and still waiting to be paid. I got a new project a few days ago.

Company B has offered a job and ready to transfer H1B

Below are my questions:

  1. If Company A doesn’t pay me, when after initiating the transfer can i file a case with DOL? how long does it usually take to file a case and get receipt of the case?

  2. If point-1 happens, can company A fire me and revoke my visa? how does it affect the transfer?

  3. I will start working for new client for company A in a day or two. If I quit this project after transfer is successful, will I have to abide by any contractual agreement since i have quit the project before contract end date? Will this be usually monetary or something that can make me unable to transfer my H1?

  4. Should i serve any notice period? is there any concept of notice period on H1 or i can move as soon as the transfers happens?

Thanks you.