h1 transfer needed as laid off from opt cap gap



i was on opt cap when my employer filed my h1b,i got approve.my i-94 has been changed and i have my  receipt.


now i laied off on aug 17th ,but my employer told me he wont cancel my h1.


so i was looking for another employer to transfer my visa.now i got another employer i work for a week

means after aug17 ites second week.


now this employer said he wont file my h1,so i left it.


my h1 is still holding by the company  who filed it.



now i want to transfer it on oct 2rd week.but i dont have pay stub ,i have pay stub till aug17 only.by the employer who filed it.


can i apply for visa transfer,will it be approve,do i need to go back india?


if by chance i can apply for transfer on my resume what should i put date for employer ,for example

while applying for h1b i put march 2012 - present.


now for transfer do i  need toput march 2012 - aug 2012 (as i left in aug 17) or march 2012 - present(as they are still holding my h1 b)


please help me?