H1 transfer Info Really Urgent

I have a question regarding H1-visa transfer

I was working for Company A and now i transferred to company B. Company B has already applied for H1 transfer and they have the receipt, So i started working for company B and i have paystubs as well. Keep in mind my visa transfer has not yet been approved. I only have transfer receipt and on the basis of that receipt i have started working with Company B


I got another offer from Company C and they said they will apply for my Visa transfer. I gave company C my original H1 visa documents which i got from Company A along with the new H1 transfer receipt which i got from company B and latest pay stubs from both company A and B and all the other documents they asked for.


Between Leaving Company A and joining Company B .There was Only 4 days of difference. and 2 of those days were Saturday and Sunday


I have just one question is it fine if company C also applies for visa transfer because my one Visa transfer from company B is already in process and it has not yet been approved.