H1 transfer documents requested by new employer

Hi ,

This would be the most answered question in the forum ,but questions differ in syntax and situation .

Still wanted to post this as a question ,with additions.

I work with employer A(not in USA), I have H1B stamped from employer B.

Now I have a better offer with Employer C ,who is ready to transfer (offer still in progress).

Employer C is asking for the H!B I797 copy .

  1. Is it ok to share the copy of I797 or H1B stamp copy with employer C during initial stages?

  2. If employer files for a new petition ,will Employer B knows about this?

3)Once the new petition by C is approved ,what happens to the petition by B? is that still valid ?

  1. WIll there be any questions of not travelling with the first petition,as I am chosing not to travel ,rather than company not calling?


  1. Yes as long as you believe the employer and employment offer is genuine. It is standard process to ask for these docs.

  2. No

  3. Petition is still valid and you can travel either through B or C to work for that respective employer

  4. No