H1 Transfer- Change of employer, from A to B to C employers

Hello fellow H1B holders. I am in a very tricky situation. I am very confused by my current situation. I have approved H1 B at Employer A. I got couple of Job offers from Employer B and Employer C( after Employer B started my H1 B transfer). I filled my H-1 B transfer with Employer B and got an approval with Employer B. I left Employer A and I have started working for Employer B for couple of weeks, Meanwhile my employer C started H1 B transfer.
The Job offer and benefits at Employer C are more attractive.
My question is: Can I leave Employer B and start working for Employer C after I receive H1B transfer approval from them?
Please note: My H1 B transfer with Employer C was filed on the basis of the Employer A.
I need to make this decision very soon!
Any Help is appreciated!

Yes, you can. It does not matter, what it is based on. All they care is you maintaining your H1B status. The first one was only used to consider you as cap exempt and maintaining status.

Just to be clear it is ok to Start at Employer C as when they have not submitted my recent pay stubs from employer B.
Also how would I bridge the gap of four weeks? For this four weeks I would be working for Employer B on approved Visa.
I am going to visit my relatives in Canada after my approval with Employee C and was thinking if they would ask me this question.
Thank you for your reply!

You need to be maintaining status, meaning getting paid and working all the time, whether you are working with A or B or C. Just carry proofs of your current work and pay-stubs indicating that you are employed. Sometimes due to the short window, you may not have pay stubs generated, then you can use the employment letter or start date kind of documents and then submit paystubs, once they are generated. Talk to your attorney, do not confuse yourself with too many things.