H1 Transfer and Working in US with approved petition from 2 Companys

I have a scenario. Company A filed for my H1B COS while I was in US on L1B VISA, employed with Company B, in 2013 quota and the same was approved in June 2012. I never worked for Company A and returned to India. Now Company B has filed for H1B transfer and the same has been approved as well.

Am I eligible to work with Company A as well as Company B once I am in US? or Company A will have to again file for a H1B transfer.

Any inputs would be highly appreciated.

When you return to US, you will have to show one petition at the airport - either from A or B. You can show A’s petition only if they have not withdrawn it yet and they intend to hire you in US; else use B’s petition.

You can then work for that employer in US for the remaining term of the petition. If you want to switch employers and the other employer has an active unexpired petition for you, then you can change the employer.