H1 transfer and join back old company with same approval notice

Hello folks,

Appreciate your inputs in this.

I have a valid H1 visa for the next two years, but I’m planning to change employer through an H1 transfer in premium processing. If I start working with the new employer using the premium processing receipt number, and my visa transfer is denied after a few days, can I continue working with my current employer using my existing valid H1 visa for the next two years? Or would I need to file for a new visa application?

Once you leave your current employer, they are bound by law to withdraw your H1B as of the end date of your employment. If you are worried about the H1B change of employer approval chances, I would advise you to join the new employer once the petition is approved. If the employer wants you to join asap, ask them to file transfer with premium processing.

Thank you Kalpesh for your insights