H1 transfer and H4 extension


My current H1 B expired on June 18th which is with Company A.

Company B applied for H1 transfer asking for a period of 3 years and extension of H4 for my dependent. I have the receipt number for the H4 and i got the i797 C that its approved.

I received the i797C in mail for my dependent extension which does not have the i94.

Will my attorney get the i797 A for both the H1 and H4 ?


797C is just the receipt notice and not the approval. Approval document would be 797A or 797B, which will have the I-94 attached. Are you sure the 797C that you have is the approval notice?

Thank you…797c is not the approval notice. I see that the petition is approved on uscis. But dint get the 797 a or b yet…I was wondering if I will get the 797 c andu attorney would get the 797 a or b

Who received the 797C for the dependent? If you received it directly, then 797A/B will be sent to you and not employer/attorney.

The main H-1 applicant’s documents will always be sent to employer/attorney first, who can then share it w/ you.

Yes I got the 797C for the dependent
I hope the 797 A/B will come to me by mail for the dependent. I haven’t received it yet. It’s only a week that the application was approved. IL Wait to see if I get it. Thanks alot.

The SLA is 30 days but usually it is received in 1-2 weeks due to postal delays.