H1 transfer after leaving employment

Hi guys,

I had an H1B Visa with an employer in the US. I worked there for 2 years but had to leave to my home country due to personal reasons. I'm already looking into options for going back to the US (4 months later).


My H1 Visa is expiring in 2015 and I thought it was automatically revoked as I left my employment but now I'm wondering if there's a way to use the H1 transfer, even though I quit my job? Or do I have to go through the normal application process in April and wait to go over when the window opens in October? Thanks!

U can go for Cap-Exemption or Transfer if Ur H1B approved in 2008 or later… (6 Years from 2008)

Make Sure U have all Pay stubs and relevant docs…

It doesnt matter even if ur employer withdrew or revoked petition…

Find an employer who can file Transfer or Cap-Exemption ASAP